Today, customer care is not just about answering questions and solving problems – it is also about creating customer reward programs like Blue Empire Rewards, building sustainable relationships, strengthening loyalty and paving the way for revenue.

Blue Empire Holdings has a vision to be the best customer experience company. They have an eco-system for customer engagement that spans all channels – offline, online and mobile.

We have launched a customer rewards programme called Blue Empire Rewards that seeks to celebrate customers’ achievements, increase connection with the brand and reward customer them with exciting benefits.

In a bid to strengthen customer care, Blue Empire has uplifted the spirits and joie de vivre of her loyal customers with Blue Empire rewards ‘‘Having customers at heart and rewarding loyal customers is one of Blue Empire Holdings culture’’ said Blue Empire Holdings Sales lead, Sammy Ndeley


Blue Empire Reward is a customer care program that rewords loyal customers with gifts to appreciate them for trusting and believing in the brand. This reward program encompasses mobile electronic customers, real estate customers, automobile customer and crypto currency customers.

Don’t be surprise, Blue Empire Rewards offered more that 50 amazing prizes to customers such as iphones, Airpods, Apple watches, Bluetooth portable speakers, ipads and others. This event was slated on January 30th 2022 and experienced a great turnover.

 ‘‘As stated in our core values, we are nothing without our customers, we have taken a bold step to keep smiles on our customers faces by offering gifts to customers of the year.’’ Vonnette (Head of customer service) tells us

 What is a customer reward program?

A customer loyalty program or rewards program is a customer retention strategy that motivates Blue Empire Holdings customers to continue buying from the brand instead of competitors.

 “Brands have to give customers reasons to keep buying from them. With this maiden customer reward program, we have taken a leap of faith to put smiles on the faces of our loyal customers.’’ Stated by Celia (Head of Real Estate and Auto Location)

Who is a customer of the year

‘‘A customer of the year is a loyal customer that has a tracked record of repeat purchase. We rate and evaluate our sales record and customers that has purchase from us ten times and above we reward them with gifts to encourage them to stick to the brand,’’ Blue Empire founder and director general, Sona Jill told Betatinz

An extra token of appreciation may perform miracles in the life of every business. Customers needs to feel special and it is this light that Blue Empire has rolled out Blue Empire Rewards to create customer good-will that has a sustainable effect.

About Blue Empire Holdings

Blue Empire Holdings is a diversified and fully integrated uprising conglomerate in Central Africa. As a leaders in Central Africa, we continue to sustain and improve on our market leadership in the supply of American Apple products and electronics, Travels, Car Sales and Rentals, Real Estate, and Exchange service. We focus on providing value-added products and services that meet the basic needs of our actual and potential clients through our listed services.

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